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Daniel Hasselmyr

Though Daniel Hasselmyr works in various media, he has considered transparent watercolour his primary medium since the early 1970s.

Daniel is interested in the tradition of watercolour most associated with drawing, though he takes varied approaches to materials and process. He builds up thin layers of transparent watercolour over a neutral underpainting, gradually rendering depth and atmosphere into the flat initial shapes. The underpainting is usually a neutral colour wash, but he sometimes builds up the paint over a pencil drawing. He pays special attention to edges and strives for bold values, strong colours. It is the slow process of drawing and creating real and imagined forms into being that provides his satisfaction in painting.

Daniel’s work is strongly representational, if not particularly dedicated to the visual facts of a place. For his Industry series, he explored factories and industrial sites in Algarve. These visits stimulate all his senses and feed his never-ending fascination for painting complex patterns, textural surfaces, and a dramatic play of light and colour. There is in these paintings evidence of hard physical work, and perhaps some nostalgia for the pre-tourist Algarvean era which has largely slipped away.

His travels have also prompted in turn some studio works that reflect experiences in the Algarve, Venezuela, Cuba and Devon.

Recently Daniel has begun making paintings of the plant kingdom. His longstanding interest in these Matisse/Rousseau like forms has led to several interesting paintings.

The work you see on this website is intended as a sampling of the kind of work he does. Many of these works are now in public and private collections, but the paintings on the website are always updated to show what is available unless otherwise stated.

Commissions are accepted if the subject matter is inspirational!

For more information please contact Daniel.